Welcome to Three Stripe Cards

We are privileged to have you here. But who are we…

Steve Poland has been involved in the sports card hobby since 1994 where after a family holiday to Florida he got involved collecting in earnest his beloved then LA Raiders, subsequently Oakland Raiders and now Las Vegas Raiders.

As the family reference suggests Steve is a family man hailing from Devon where he lives with his partner and 2 kids welcoming his other 2 kids every weekend.

Steve has 2 major hobbies, the first of those being the same thing as yours which brought you here and then secondly Disney, although he would tell you that cards get more of his hobby time than anything else.

Steve has a fairly big claim to fame within the hobby world in that he is one of the extremely few contributors from outside of the US to be acknowledged for past contributions to the annual Beckett Football Price Guide.

Dan Hewitt has been a part of the sports card hobby collecting NFL cards since 2013. His first card was a 2013 Topps Giovani Bernard RPA which predictably for many of us when we joined the hobby, he probably paid too much for and has never been able to sell. Yet, never say never.

Similar to Steve, Dan is also a family man living in the much less glamorous surroundings of Stoke on Trent with his wife and 2 boys.

Dan would tell you he only has 1 major hobby which is collecting sports cards in particular Giants cards along with 1of1’s. His wife would tell you different as he also collects Adidas trainers, plays video games and has recently got into training and hopes to complete a triathlon.

One thing Dan is extremely proud of is his hosting of the UK based sports card hobby podcast Waxpacklyrical which he hosts along with a fellow Facebook admin Ryan and long time friend Brian.