How does your shipping work?

We offer free shipping when you spend £50 or more onsite, or for orders below that we have a flat rate £2.99 shipping charge. Our aim is to send out all items within 24hrs of payment being made via Royal Mail 1st Class or 1st Class Signed For, but we ask that you allow 48hrs before contacting us to cover unforeseen circumstances. The only exceptions would be cards from breaks which will depend on the break date and time, but we would aim to get these out as soon as we are able to.

What do I do if something doesn’t arrive or is damaged?

There could be a number of reasons why this may have happened so please contact us with any issues as soon as you can with regard to either of these. We would recommend allowing a week from the shipping date before contacting us on failed deliveries, but immediately with regards to any damage. We are unable to do anything where there has been a lapse of 30 days from shipping date.

Can I return items?

All sales are final and non-refundable on any sealed product that is free from any damage. But we can accept the return on any supplies that are in the same condition as when shipped.

Can I cancel or amend an order?

As long as you contact us before we have shipped your order then yes we can do this.

Am I guaranteed contents in sealed boxes of cards?

No, boxes will usually give stated odds across the print run of what you might get, but boxes can be short of specific cards from time to time, or on occasion give you extra, so it goes both ways. We are not responsible for any issues with box contents as they come sealed and you would need to contact the manufacturer. This also applies to printing issues of the actual cards themselves.

Can boxes contain redemption cards?

Yes they can, and in older boxes especially they may be expired and no longer able to be redeemed. This is again something you would need to take up with the manufacturer.

What is a box break?

A box break is essentially where a group of people pay towards the cost of a product and have the chance at a share of the cards that come out. As an example, the majority of breaks will see participants get a specific team and would receive the cards of that team that came out. Feel free to contact us for more information as there are many ways to do box breaks with different quirks and requirements.

What are Reward Points?

Reward points are something you earn through every purchase made on site. For every £1 spent you will be rewarded with 1 point. These can then be built up over time and used in one big purchase or can be claimed against your very next order. In order to gain reward points from a qualifying purchase, a customer must register via the website and be logged into their account at the time the order is placed.

Can you get any products not listed on the website?

Yes, we use a variety of distributors and retailers, and can try to source any trading card product, and it doesn’t just have to be sports cards. Please contact us with anything you are looking for any we can get back to you with availability and prices.

Do you buy from private individuals?

Yes, we are always willing to look at buying up private collections, sealed products and even single cards. Please contact us with anything you may have.


With your purchase you are purchasing a video link to be able to watch some sports cards products being opened. A bonus to your purchase is in having an involvement in that particular break via ownership of a team/player/division etc. You will not receive any boxes/cases unless it states any are used as part of a skunk/consolation prize. You will receive all cards* from the team/player/division you are in ownership of for that specific break. A trading period if around 5 minutes will usually follow most random draws before the break starts.

Types of Breaks

Pick Your Team (PYT)

Just as the name says, you choose your team. The price per team varies depending on the number of hits available, the players on the checklist and the popularity of the team.

Random Team (RT)

All spots in Random Team breaks are the same price. Before the products are opened, we do a random draw to determine which participant gets which team. Sometimes we have combo spots where we combine two teams into one spot. We do this with the teams that have a lower number of hits in the product.

Random Divisions (RD)

This is similar to the Random Team breaks but each break is divided up by division, instead of by team.  For example, a baseball break would be divided into NL East, NL West, AL East, AL West.

Random Numbers (RN)

This break is popular for products like Flawless and National Treasures where there aren’t a high number of cards per box, or case, and the products are much more expensive. Each customer is assigned a number from via a random draw. The number represents the first number of the card numbering. For example, if you are assigned the number 7, you would get cards that are serial numbered 7/10, 7/25, 7/99 etc. The number of spots in this style of break is determined by the product. This can be a less expensive break because of the number of spots, but the odds of getting a hit are lower for the same reason.

Random Player (RP)

Each player within the checklist of a product is allocated via a random draw. So if there are 250 players on the checklist there would be 250 random player slots sold for the break.

Draft Style Breaks (DS)

In these breaks, each spot purchased is guaranteed a card.

RANDOM HIT DRAFT – Products are opened and then a draw is done after to randomly assign cards to each participant.

LIVE HIT DRAFT – Products are opened and then a draw is done after to randomly create a draft order of participant names. Each participant will then choose a card in the order assigned. If multiple rounds are required then it is done via snake draft unless specified otherwise. For example, this means that the participant selecting first in round 1 would select last in round 2 and so on. For the draft element you must be in attendance or reachable when the products are opened so that you may make selections.


Some products have cards with multiple players or teams. We randomise these to the participants involved. Majority rules! If a person owns more than 50% of the card (2 out of 3 teams, 3 out of 5 teams etc) they win the card by majority. This applies to hit cards (Auto & Relics), serial numbered and SP cards only. Other unnumbered or non-SP cards with multiple players will go to the team on the left or top of the card.


Some cards can come up without a clear affiliation to a particular team in the break. The most common are players shown in college uniforms. Any cards of players in college uniforms will go to the first team that player was on in the year of the product. Or if the player was retired then it will go to the team he played most career games for.

Any cards of anyone that has no affiliation with any team in the break will be randomised between all break participants. Panini Reward Point cards will also be randomised among all participants unless they were already combined with another team in the break.


Trades must be confirmed by live chat host. We ask for trades to be confirmed via email with both participants. If trading combined teams the customer must trade both teams to be fair as spot price is equal.


Three Stripe Cards makes no promises of condition of cards/items that come out of any sealed product. Trading cards can have flaws, dinged corners, whiting, print lines and more. These come out of the packs this way. Cards are handled multiple times by athletes and manufacturers. Buyback products that are not graded can have flaws and we do not guarantee any grade and/or condition.

SKUNKING (Receiving no cards)

We have no idea what are in the boxes or cases of, so it is always possible for you not to get any cards at all. This is a part of breaks and needs to be taken into consideration when considering purchasing a break spot. In larger breaks, a skunk prize may be added for one of the lowest hitters as a consolation prize.


You can watch live at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3_YG0a86A8El_lR01EwNRw


Breaks can take a while to sell out all spots, so we will only post a break date/time once the break has sold out. We will leave the break up on the website and add in the date/time of the break once all the spots have sold out. We will endeavour to complete the break within 48hrs from selling out where we can.


All random draws required for any breaks are done using www.randomorg.com


If you are interested in a box for yourself, we can open this up live for you rather then send it through the post. Just get in touch with us and we can make arrangements to do this live online for you.

*All cards ship always!

You will always receive all cards that come out you are entitled to. However, we reserve the right to hold small quantities of base/low value cards until we have more to ship to you from a subsequent break or purchase. To keep costs down, some breaks are priced to only ship the expected ‘hit’ cards. This keeps the costs down for all who take part, but will result in some people receiving their base/low value cards at a later date. Please get in contact with us should you have any issues with this.