Reach Out And Speak To Us!

So now you know more about us and our collections and involvement in the sports card hobby, it
probably comes as no surprise that there is nothing we like more than talking cards. If we aren’t
talking to you about cards, yes you reading this, chances are we are currently talking to someone
about cards, even if it’s just to each other.

Drop-in and get in contact with us. You can do that in a variety of ways.
On Instagram and on Twitter we are @3stripecards.

You can find us personally as well as 2000 other collectors on Facebook in the group NFL Cards UK

We have a Facebook page you can reach out to us through which is Three Stripe Cards.

And finally, you can reach us through the Contact Us section right here on the website.

So, what’s stopping you? From helping you with prices of things you own, giving advice on products
or breaks on our site or just talking about the hobby in general, we really are here to talk!