Welcome to Three Stripe Cards!

Let’s tell you a little about what and who we are.

Three Stripe Cards has been set up and will be run by Steve Poland and Dan Hewitt. Between the two of us, we have a combined sports card hobby experience of over 30 years. What started as a hobby collecting sports cards for both of us has led to this where we find ourselves today. Steve collects Raiders cards unfortunately for him and Dan Giants cards, probably even more unfortunately.

With Steve as founder, the group over on Facebook ‘NFL Cards UK Traders’ was set up back in 2014. Dan joined the group soon after. Both of us are admins of the group which now has over 2000 members the majority of which are all UK based. As a group, we have been given the honour of running Panini’s hobby shop promotion Player of the Day.

This is something we will continue to do here and hope to include NBA too next time.

In the group, breaks have been something we have regularly undertaken and they will continue in earnest here as you can see what we have available on site.

The aim of the group and also what we are trying to achieve here has always been to grow the hobby in the UK and wherever possible provide affordable breaks and sealed product to the UK market. This isn’t always easy, particularly in modern times with the uptake in the sports card hobby globally, however this will remain our quest always.

Connect with us via Social media and keep up to date with news on the latest Breaks and product releases available on the Three Stripe Cards website.